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You may not be able to attract many visitors if you make some typical web design blunders. Your site’s theme, amazing graphics, and enticing writing will be useless. In reality, your website will not appear on the top three pages of a Google search for your targeted keywords. So, if you wish to avoid these issues, we recommend that you avoid some typical web design blunders that could harm your SEO initiatives. Continue reading. Do not forget to check out our White Hat SEO Forums..

1. Ineffective navigation

Some websites are so badly constructed that they leave a first-time visitor perplexed. Your site’s visitors should be able to tell what your site is about just by looking at it. Aside from that, web crawlers from Google should be able to understand your site. We recommend that you interlink your vital web sites for this purpose.

2. Page Loading Time Is Slower

In the online age, things move at breakneck speed. When people go online, they visit a variety of different websites. They use social networking sites, write emails, and communicate through other online channels.

If your website takes a long time to load, you may lose the majority of your visitors. They might click away, never to return. If the web pages load as soon as they click on the link, your visitors will stay on your site and return. The page load time should be no more than three seconds, according to experts.

3. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly

Smartphones and other mobile devices now account for the majority of web traffic. According to statistics, there are over 275 million smartphone users in the United States alone. And the majority of them use their mobile devices to access the internet. According to statistics, cellphones account for 70% of all internet traffic in the United States. As a result, every website should be smartphone friendly, which means it should be responsive and simple to use on mobile devices.

4. H1 tag is missing

The H1 tag is used by search engine crawlers to determine what your website is about. In the absence of this tag, your site’s rating in major search engines will suffer. Apart from that, this tag improves the search engine friendliness of the page content.

5. Large image and media files

Adding media files and photographs to your website is a fantastic idea because it makes your information more appealing and understandable. Although you can include photographs in your articles, make sure you do so with caution. The media files and images should be of an acceptable size. The loading of large image files takes a long time. As a result, your website will load substantially slower. For the best Black Hat Forum, visit our website today.

So, before you do anything else, you should perform the PageSpeed Insights test.

To cut a long tale short, if you don’t want to compromise your search engine rankings, avoid these typical site design blunders