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  • Keep your oriental rug from becoming too dirty to avoid complicated oriental rug cleaning. By removing your shoes while entering the house or before stepping on your pricey rug, you may keep it cleaner for longer. Walking barefoot or with simply socks on will help reduce wear and tear as well as dirt and filth from getting into your carpeting. For more information on rugs Santa Monica, visit our website today.

    Only clean your oriental rug when absolutely necessary. You can either hire a professional cleaning or do it yourself. You won’t have to clean your rug as often if it’s in a low-traffic location. However, if your oriental rug is in a high-traffic area, you may need to clean it many times a year to avoid deep-seated dirt from damaging your costly oriental rug.

    You can test your rug to see if it needs to be cleaned already. Holding the rug up and hitting it with a stick or broom to see if a cloud of dirt comes off the rug is one method. It’s usual for some dust and fibres to fall off, but if a large cloud of dirt falls off, you’ll need to do some significant cleaning. Washing oriental rugs is more difficult than cleaning regular carpets or rugs.

    Oriental carpets are cleaned using special cleaning soaps and solutions to avoid discoloration and fading on delicate fibres like silk. Other oriental rugs are made of wool, however they are not as easy to clean as synthetic fibre carpets. When wet, these rugs can be rather heavy to carry, and it may be too much labour for one person to handle.

    Another technique to tell if your rug needs cleaning is to rub it for about 10 seconds and see if dirt appears on your palms. If you vacuumed the dirt away but it still appears dirty, it’s time to clean it with a cleaning solution and water. You can clean the rug yourself by hosing it down in your backyard with mild soapy water.

    Vacuum all sides of the carpet before soaking it. If you have rug shampoo, apply it after soaking the rug in cold water with a hose. To avoid causing harm to the carpeting, avoid using harsh soaps or cleaning solutions containing ammonia. To spread the soapy water on the carpeting, use a brush with soft bristles. It’s best not to scrub it too hard.

    Remember to scrub the fringes and threads on the edges as well. It should be clean by the time the tassels turn white. Using your hose, rinse the carpeting with cold running water. Squeeze out any excess water, but don’t ring it like your hand-washed linen. You can also hang it to dry in your backyard on a line. To avoid colour fading, keep the right side out of direct sunlight. As soon as one side of the rug is dry, flip it over. Want to knw more about the best rug cleaning Santa Monica? Visit our website for more information.

    Cleaning an oriental rug can be exhausting, especially for one person, especially if the rug is large. Turning over a damp carpeting may require assistance from a friend or neighbour. Professional cleaning might be worth a shot, especially because you’ll only need to clean it a few times a year.