What To Say When She Says, “I Have a Boyfriend”

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What To Say When She Says, “I Have a Boyfriend”

What do you say when a woman you’re interested in says, “I have a boyfriend”?

Well, here are a few ways a guy like you can react.

  1. Pursue Her Anyway

I’ve seen some guys do this, maybe because they think it’s “alpha,” or maybe because they think the girl is lying to them. As in, “There’s no way she’s dating someone else who’s not me, so I’m gonna go for it anyway.”

Bad move, my friend. Stunts like these don’t come off as confident. They’re arrogant and abrasive.

  1. Walk Away

This is where I’d say 99% of guys fall into.

She says she has a boyfriend, so you just walk away with your head hung low in defeat.

You tried, and you failed — that’s your mentality.

But again, this isn’t the mindset to have.

Just because a woman says she’s got a boyfriend, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. There’s no reason to walk away yet…

  1. Do What I Say In the Video Below

Watch the video below to find out what you should actually do.

I can almost guarantee you’ve never thought of this before — and better yet, no other guy is doing this when he approaches that woman.

So watch below to learn once and for all what you should do and say whenever you hear those words you probably dread: “I have a boyfriend.”

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What Do Men Find Attractive?

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What Do Men Find Attractive?

First of all, what do you think defines attractive? It’s interesting because a guy friend of mine said his girlfriend would be what he would call pretty even though he didn’t think she fit the mold of what society called pretty. Does that mean there can be an openness to different types? I’ve wondered. Exactly what makes someone pretty? I know this is a sensitive question so no pressure in answering.

Second, for whatever it is, can guys learn to compromise on looks or be open to different types? I’ve wondered because I thought about something for me that was similar. I will it admit in high school I only went after the charming popular guys. The high school jocks. I could have said well I can’t help what I like right? Then I realized I was being superficial and should instead go after less superficial things. So I now have a crush on a guy (that’s another story) who is less of the charming type but very likable. I realized I should see what’s important. It seems your dating advice encourages women (chemistry vs compatibility something like that right?) to focus on those things over things that people value in a more superficial sense.

Lastly I’ve wondered how much of the obsession with finding a hot girl is really about attraction. It seems like it would be an of course, guys want the pretty girl because she is pretty right? Then I thought of my old high school crushes. I realized some of them I liked not really because of them, but actually because I enjoyed the praise I felt of having won the attention over of someone so impressive. It made me feel important. Really though, frankly I think it’s actually using someone. I’ve wondered if that’s something

Orbiting. Another Dating Problem Created By Social Media.

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Will You Use the New Facebook Dating App?

I’m REALLY glad to be a middle-aged married guy.

I stopped dating in January 2007 when I met my wife at a potluck dinner in Beverly Hills.

The first iPhone would be released later that year.

Texting was around but it wasn’t ubiquitous. Same with Facebook.

Instagram came around in 2010. Tinder didn’t launch until 2012.

And here we are, as lonely and disconnected as ever. Social media sites that were designed to connect us now cause an equal amount of pain and confusion.

And here we are, as lonely and disconnected as ever. Social media sites that were designed to connect us now cause an equal amount of pain and confusion.

The latest term of art from this digital dystopia? Keep reading:

“Prying eyes on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter can be exciting when they come from a prospective romantic partner, confusing when unrequited and infuriating when the looker is an ex. In the last case, it’s as though the specter of a Relationship That Could Have Been is peeping over your shoulder, keeping tabs without having to commit to any real-world interactions.

Naturally, there is a name for this 21st-century phenomenon, which has joined ghosting, Netflix and chill, breadcrumbing and other recent entries to the dating lexicon. It’s called orbiting.”

I’d probably call it cyberstalking, but whatever you call it, it’s a thing that afflicts modern daters who are tethered to their social media.

“The way it feels to be orbited depends on your relationship to the orbiter. When you’re interested in the satellite entity watching your social media activity, orbiting brings an endorphin rush, the feeling of being circled by someone you want to get closer to.

But when it’s bad, it’s bad. There’s the frustration of wondering why an ex would rather watch your life

Wouldn’t you like a man to take care of YOU

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Wouldn’t you like a man to take care of YOU

You’re tired,

You’re tired of working ten hours a day.

You’re tired of six hours of sleep per night.

You’re tired of commuting to and from work.

You’re tired of having to handle everything yourself: the laundry, making dinner, car leases, insurance premiums, your wireless connection.

You’re tired of taking care of everybody – your aging parents, your screwed up siblings, your ungrateful boss, your average employees, your unappreciative kids.

Life is hard enough.

It’s much harder when your whole life involves giving rather than receiving.

If you’re like most of my Love U students, you give WAY more than you receive.

You’re like Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill or Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.

It’s tiring. It sucks. And nobody talks openly about it.

Have you ever spent long nights on the phone counseling a dear friend?

Have you ever spent thousands of dollars on veterinarian bills for a sick pet?

Have you ever worked longer than expected because you took pride in your work and wanted to please your boss or client?

Have you ever given an expensive gift to your less fortunate sister or your self-sacrificing mother?

Have you ever given more to a relationship than the relationship has given back to you?

I’ll bet you have.

What we see here is not just that you are generous but you are actually generous to a fault.

So, why am I bringing this up now, on the last day of this special Love U launch?

If anything, I wanted you to see something I see in you:

You are so committed to giving to others that you may neglect your own needs.

You put yourself out for a friend, for a pet, for a loved one, but when do you get the opportunity to …

In Dating, You Can’t Change Them

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In Dating, You Can’t Change Them

This is a message to all of you who think you can change somebody.

You think you have those powers, those magical powers of being a change agent, and being able to change somebody.

But, here’s reality for you.

You can’t change somebody.

You can be their cheerleader.

You can support them.

You can hope and wish and pray, and say man, if they only would change this about themselves, they’d be great to be in a relationship with.

Well, let me tell you something: they may like who they are.

That’s right.

They may like being stuck. They may like being overweight. They may like everything about them.

The thing is, you’re settling.

It’s something I hear from clients all the time: I just don’t like their body.

If I can just get them to go to the gym, they’d be great.

Well, here’s a dose of reality for you…

If you don’t like their body, and they’re not going to the gym for themselves, and they weren’t before you met them, there’s no way in the world you’re going to get them to do it for you.

And the fact of the matter is, you’re just going to dislike their body the longer you’re with them.

Because they don’t have the same workout ethic that you have. They don’t have the same body that you want and you’re not attracted to their body.

It’s not going to change, it’s just going to magnify, and that’s just one example.

The bad habits that you want to ignore, the things that they do in the beginning, you just ignore it because you’re settling.

Well, that shit is just going to magnify because you can’t change that person.

That person is who they are.

They might be content with who they …

I’ve Got Good News, I’ve Got Bad News and I’ve Got Great News!

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I’ve Got Good News, I’ve Got Bad News and I’ve Got Great News!

When I first launched Love U in 2015, 250 women enrolled. It was an unusually close group and remains one of the highlights of my career because of this dynamic.

But as you know, my goal isn’t just to make friends – it’s to change lives.

And, as you also probably know, the difference between the clients who have success and the ones who don’t isn’t so much about me as it is about them.

And, as you also probably know, the difference between the clients who have success and the ones who don’t isn’t so much about me as it is about them.

The women who watched the videos, showed up on the weekly coaching calls, dated consistently, and participated actively in the Love U community were the ones who felt the most connected to Love U – and, not coincidentally, got the best results.

And if you ever wonder whether I’m just pumping myself up, this November, I’m invited to a wedding in Sydney, Australia for Elly, a client from that inaugural class of Love U.

That’s awesome. But it’s not the best part. The best part is that a bunch of other women from that Love U class are ALSO invited to attend with their significant others.

  • Jen is in a great relationship with a man called Frank. They’ve been together for years now, live together and he supported her through a double mastectomy.
  • Alyson is an introvert in her 50’s who was really mistrustful of men. Now she’s married and living happily ever after in Kentucky.
  •  Kimberly is in a very happy relationship with a man 12 years younger than her for over a year.
  • Karen has been with the man that she met during Love U for nearly four years.
  • Nanthini didn’t have much dating

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits

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How to Get Rid of Bad Habits

When you’re self aware, you realize when you’re in a bad habit mode.

I want you to look at your life right now, because this is about you, not about me.

Do I have some bad habits? Absolutely.

And when I catch myself in a bad habit cycle, I really have a cold dose of reality.

You see, every morning when we wake up, we try to eliminate our bad habits. A lot of us wake up always refreshed and feeling positive. Feeling like today is going to be the day we are going to finally eliminate the bad habits.

We get excited.

And what happens? Well, bad habits are hard to break.

For those of you who are overweight, you know how soothing those carbs and sugars can be for you.

For those of you who are frustrated the way your body looks, you know how easy it is to avoid going to the gym.

For a lot of you, you can’t seem to connect with the opposite sex on a deeper level.

And you know the bad habits are holding you back.

Bad habits are really challenging.

They’re really difficult.

Especially when those habits become ingrained deeper and even deeper.

The more you do the bad habits, the most you’re cognizant of that habit, the more you are constantly living the bad habit.

And that’s where the real challenge starts to come.

So how do we get rid of these bad habits?


  1. The first thing is recognition.

You want to recognize the bad habits. You want to look at that bad habit, and you want to ask yourself: how long have I been doing this bad habit for?

You need a little bit of reality.

You really need to understand how deeply ingrained this bad habit has …

How to Find the Man Who Loves, Accepts and Cherishes You

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How to Find the Man Who Loves, Accepts and Cherishes You

You may get really down that you’re still without that deep, lasting love you seek.

You may get really frustrated when you see other couples holding hands at the movies.

You may get really self-conscious when you see happy families walking down the street.

Yes, sometimes single life can be a drag, but it’s my job to remind you that these very markers of what you don’t have are ALSO the reason to brighten up.

They prove that there ARE good men out there and that love IS possible – no matter how hard it feels for you to achieve it.

Which is why I want to begin your day by spreading some good springtime cheer.

Every day, for the past few weeks, the momentum has been building.

The Pyramid of Love to teach you about the six pillars of Love U.

6 video tips about how to be the kind of woman men find irresistible.

The inspirational stories of Love U graduates who found love quickly.

The Facebook Live on how you can attract better men and get the right one to commit.

The women who have already enrolled in Love U so that they can transform from fearful and frustrated to abundant and optimistic.

Everywhere I go, I feel your good vibes:

My blog. My inbox. Endless heartfelt notes from women around the world who let me know that Love U and my coaching is working for them.

There are millions of smart, strong, successful women like you who have everything except for a man to share your life with.

There are millions of smart, strong, successful women like you who have everything except for a man to share your life with.

I want you to have that big, great love you’ve always desired and I will do …

What An Asshole Looks Like

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What An Asshole Looks Like

Here’s something you see almost daily, especially while driving: the drifter and texter.

I would say if you count the amount of times you see this happen, you would run out of fingers on your hands and toes.

There are a few versions of these clueless assholes: There’s the walker texter, there’s the elevator texter, and there’s the person who really doesn’t give a shit if anybody else is there, because they need to get that text in.

Well, that person just starts drifting into a light. They see the red light, they grab their precious phone, their slimy, greasy iPhone screen that’s never clean, it’s like a borderline for bacteria and leprosy.

They know that there’s a red light coming up, so they’ll start slowing down, and then they’ll put their head in the position of downward motion, a position that only used to be reserved for cunnilingus and blowjobs.

Anyway, they’ll usually leave at least three or four car lengths ahead. They tend to be the person you need to honk at to wake up, because they still have to get that text or Instagram post or whatever the fuck it is in.

Then you have another version: the walker texter. Walking down a busy city street with not a clue that anybody else is around. They’ll just walk right into you if you allow it. Why?

Because they’ve got to get their text in.

Very, very important to get back to somebody who’s not there. They’re not even part of your current reality, and that’s what makes no sense.

People just spend so much time more concerned with people that aren’t in their current reality than people that are actually in their current reality.

So that’s what a modern asshole looks like.

So today I want you …

Why Good Relationships Are Easy (And Bad Relationships Take Work!)

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Why Good Relationships Are Easy (And Bad Relationships Take Work!)

Over the past few weeks since you saw my Pyramid of Love, I’ve read your questions, comments and emails. You’re always as honest with me as I am with you.

You’ve told me how much men have disappointed you.

You’ve told me you’re wary of taking a chance and opening your heart again.

You’ve told me you’re looking for a shortcut to immediately let you know if a guy is a player, slacker, jerk, or alcoholic.

With such men…

You will constantly cry.

You will constantly fight.

You will constantly be disappointed.

You will constantly question yourself.

You will constantly agonize about where things are going.

You will constantly obsess how you can love someone so much and be so unhappy.

All those relationship issues force me to ask you a tough question.

If your boyfriend doesn’t consistently make you feel safe and happy, why are you in the relationship at all?

That may knock you sideways a bit. In fact, it may be difficult to admit to yourself:

You’ve hung onto the wrong men for your entire adult life.

In fact, that tenacity is a quality you took pride in – being able to push through, hold on tight and try to work things out with your partner.

Yet no relationship you’ve ever worked hard at has EVER lasted. Has it?

All relationships take some effort, but when that effort starts to feel like actual workyour relationship is not serving its purpose.

When I look at my happy marriage and the happy marriages of my clients, those relationships all have one overriding quality:

They’re EASY.

If that sounds hard to believe, that’s because you’ve never chosen an easy relationship before.

For you, love has always meant arguments, ups and downs and insecurity.

Or maybe you’re used …