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Posted by: | Posted on: June 3, 2019

My Boyfriend Follows Sexy Instagram Models. Is This Normal?

Why Facebook Is a Slippery Slope to Infidelity

I have been in an exclusive sexual relationship with a high-quality man for 4 months now. Things are easy and natural and I have no concerns with trust or how he feels. However, I happened to notice recently as I was looking to see if we have a mutual follow on Instagram that he is following about a dozen women who primarily post sexy swimsuit or lingerie pictures. I am not naive enough to think that guys don’t look at other girls nor insecure enough to think that he doesn’t think that I’m sexy too. I have a sexy side that will send him sexy pics of myself occasionally too but I don’t want to be compared to these other women. Although I work out and I think my body is strong and sexy, I’ve had 2 kids!! I just feel that it is a little disrespectful. He has me sending him sexy pics; I am uncomfortable that his Instagram feed is filled with these pictures of sexy other women on a daily basis.

My questions are…is this a “normal” guy thing? Is there a “right” time or way to tell him how I feel?

Thanks Evan! I think you are great and appreciate all your advice in you blogs and podcasts!


In my first book “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book – A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating, I advised women not to post photos that show too much skin because it would attract the wrong guys.

It’s an easy argument to make – especially with the number of god-awful pervs who think that telling you what they’re going to do to you in their introductory email is a good idea.

The way you see it, if you hold back the photos that highlight your …