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Posted by: | Posted on: June 3, 2019

My Boyfriend Follows Sexy Instagram Models. Is This Normal?

Why Facebook Is a Slippery Slope to Infidelity

I have been in an exclusive sexual relationship with a high-quality man for 4 months now. Things are easy and natural and I have no concerns with trust or how he feels. However, I happened to notice recently as I was looking to see if we have a mutual follow on Instagram that he is following about a dozen women who primarily post sexy swimsuit or lingerie pictures. I am not naive enough to think that guys don’t look at other girls nor insecure enough to think that he doesn’t think that I’m sexy too. I have a sexy side that will send him sexy pics of myself occasionally too but I don’t want to be compared to these other women. Although I work out and I think my body is strong and sexy, I’ve had 2 kids!! I just feel that it is a little disrespectful. He has me sending him sexy pics; I am uncomfortable that his Instagram feed is filled with these pictures of sexy other women on a daily basis.

My questions are…is this a “normal” guy thing? Is there a “right” time or way to tell him how I feel?

Thanks Evan! I think you are great and appreciate all your advice in you blogs and podcasts!


In my first book “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book – A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating, I advised women not to post photos that show too much skin because it would attract the wrong guys.

It’s an easy argument to make – especially with the number of god-awful pervs who think that telling you what they’re going to do to you in their introductory email is a good idea.

The way you see it, if you hold back the photos that highlight your …

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I’m Upset That My Non-Boyfriend Isn’t Acting Like My Boyfriend

I’m Upset That My Non-Boyfriend Isn’t Acting Like My Boyfriend


I’ve been dating this guy for about three months. He has worked out of the country for 2 of those three months and just got back home this week.

While he was away he called me or texted me everyday, was very attentive and made the effort to keep in contact since he was on the other side of the world.

I picked him up from the airport, brought him home, he gave me a small gift and we had a nice night just watching TV and talking. I go to work and get a text that says he’s taking off with a buddy for a week, Last minute trip type thing but he’s leaving that day.

I told him I’m happy that he’s getting to spend time with his friend but I also feel kind of jilted that I waited so patiently for him to come home.

His response was less than stellar. He pretty much stated that I can’t expect him to stay home all day and wait for me to come home from work to hang out with me. That he missed the whole summer working away and wants to spend time with his friends and do fun things cause his work takes away from that.

I kinda just said, whoa, that’s not what I meant, that I would never take him away from friends or living his life. To have a good trip and I’ll talk to him later.

I can’t help how I feel, because I do feel jilted. I also feel like he just assumed I was trying to cage him, when in reality all I wanted was to be included in his life.

I’m not sure if I should just leave him to his devices while he’s gone and talk to him