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Posted by: | Posted on: May 22, 2019

What To Say When She Says, “I Have a Boyfriend”

What To Say When She Says, “I Have a Boyfriend”

What do you say when a woman you’re interested in says, “I have a boyfriend”?

Well, here are a few ways a guy like you can react.

  1. Pursue Her Anyway

I’ve seen some guys do this, maybe because they think it’s “alpha,” or maybe because they think the girl is lying to them. As in, “There’s no way she’s dating someone else who’s not me, so I’m gonna go for it anyway.”

Bad move, my friend. Stunts like these don’t come off as confident. They’re arrogant and abrasive.

  1. Walk Away

This is where I’d say 99% of guys fall into.

She says she has a boyfriend, so you just walk away with your head hung low in defeat.

You tried, and you failed — that’s your mentality.

But again, this isn’t the mindset to have.

Just because a woman says she’s got a boyfriend, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. There’s no reason to walk away yet…

  1. Do What I Say In the Video Below

Watch the video below to find out what you should actually do.

I can almost guarantee you’ve never thought of this before — and better yet, no other guy is doing this when he approaches that woman.

So watch below to learn once and for all what you should do and say whenever you hear those words you probably dread: “I have a boyfriend.”

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How To Learn From Fear

How To Learn From Fear

I want to explain fear to you.

Fear is the overwhelming emotion that conquers you when you’re trying to get past something.

We have “here-we-go-again” syndrome that comes in with fear, and it’s really powerful.

Here we go again.

I can’t believe this happened to me again.

Then the emotions come out.

We get all tight inside.

We have the feeling of impeding doom.

No matter how hard we’ve studied something, no matter how hard we prep, there’s always going to be something that triggers fear within us.

It’s a really big challenge, and it’s probably one of the biggest challenges that we will have as human beings.

I’ve been coaching you guys for 20 years, and you always say, “Well David, it’s so easy for you.”

It is. I can go talk to any girl, any place, any time.

It’s a piece of cake. I don’t even think about it.

There’s no anxiety.

If I want to talk to somebody, I talk to them.

It’s just another human being.

We’re just going to have an interaction and see what happens from there.

I have a lot of empathy and compassion. That’s why, for all these years, I’ve been a great coach for you guys who are struggling with trying to make a move on the opposite sex.

Now, trading is my venture. My new challenge. I enjoy this challenge. It’s great. But it’s frustrating as hell.

I pretty much break even every week. Now, you think, “Oh wow, that sucks. You put all this time in and you’re just breaking even?”

But in reality, that’s a win. It’s a huge, huge, huge win.

I mean, I haven’t been live trading for a year yet. I started in July of 2018.

Since Thanksgiving, I’m down a whole $650. That’s it. …