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100 Reasons I Love You

100 Reasons I Love You

I’m a writer.

I can’t say whether I’m any good. All I can say is that I’m prolific.

I wrote the comedy column in my college newspaper.

I wrote a dozen screenplays and 15 sitcoms when I moved to LA in my twenties.

I have written over 1000 blog posts, 400 newsletters, 100 podcasts and 4 books since then.

But the most meaningful thing I’ve ever written is something no one has ever read before.

It’s a series of lists called “100 Reasons I Love You” that I wrote for the extraordinary woman I call my wife.

The first one was dated July 25, 2007. That was six months into our relationship  when I first told her I loved her.

The second one was dated November 25, 2007. That was for her 38th birthday.

The third one was dated April 24, 2008. That was when I proposed to her.

Since then, we’ve gotten married, bought a house in the suburbs, and had two children, now 6 and 7, who fill up our world with delight.

As a husband, father, son, brother, friend, and small business owner, I’m as harried as you are, trying to spread my time and attention around to make everyone I love happy.

But, as you know, things fall through the cracks. That’s life.

We all have to pick and choose what’s important.

As a dating coach, I have a daily window into this, and one of the things I see regularly is how well-meaning couples fall into a rut and start to take each other for granted.

To be fair, we all have a great excuse: life is, indeed, busy!

And really, who has the time and energy to treat your spouse like you did when you first began dating?

Yet that lack of time and …

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The place Can I Find Who Is Looking For Me Online?

Relationship. If their cash is in their proprietary matching formulation, then, online relationship websites don’t seem to be getting a great return on their investment. Finkel and workforce conclude that on-line relationship websites have published no research that is sufficiently rigorous or detailed to assist the declare that they provide extra compatible matches than conventional dating does” (p. 47). When companions do match successfully, this may very well be on account of many other elements than the site’s mathematical method, not the least of which is random luck. When you have got enough people seeking long-term relationships with different people who select to strive a selected on-line service, the percentages are that a few of these matches will be successful regardless of which algorithm the location used.

There are many rewards that have made this phenomenon in style. Preserving your anonymity is the firstly benefit that on-line relationship supplies for you. Secrecy can build up a mystery and therefore your expectations and your imagination can go crazy. It’s possible you’ll hide your vital data including your contact particulars, deal with, surnames and many others. This supplies you the selection to know the other person first without a worry of exposing yourself to any form of risk or hazard. It’s possible you’ll choose to be nameless if you want until you begin trusting your on-line prospect courting companion.

four. Biographical information – Start out with an opener which can seize her attention and reach into her coronary heart. Attraction to her emotionally. Women are emotionally centered. Make it in order that she must learn your advert! After this stage give her just the information. This directness exhibits power and confidence. Both are qualities which girls value. Be honest and keep away from the heartbreak of separation attributable to dishonesty. Perhaps she …

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My Boyfriend of 8 Years Doesn’t Want to Move In with Me

My Boyfriend of 8 Years Doesn’t Want to Move In with Me


I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 8 years now. We have been talking about buying a house together for 3 years now and every time we see something, he backs out. Because of financial reasons he always says, but he can buy a house on his own. A few months ago, we both found a house we loved, until his mother got involved. He backed out again. Now all of a sudden, he isn’t ready to live together and wants to wait another year.

I don’t know what to do with this?


I hate this shit. I really do.

Just this morning, I was on the phone with a potential client, and I knew exactly how the rest of the hour would play out.

She’d tell me about a man she loves who is not making her happy.

I’d let her know that she should find another man.

She would explain that she didn’t come to me to break up, but rather, wanted me to fix her broken relationship with a selfish, emotionally unavailable, commitment-phobic man.

I’d tell her that the selfish, emotionally unavailable, commitment-phobic man wasn’t changing and that if she ever wants to find lasting love, she needs to look forward, not try to repair things from the past that are way beyond her control.

She’d defend herself and defend her boyfriend and explain how it’s not that bad

I’d explain that women in happy relationships NEVER call dating coaches.

I’d further explain that in 15 years of doing this, I’ve NEVER had a woman come to me with a broken relationship and end up repairing it to live happily ever after. NEVER.

I’d then offer six months of Love U Masters Coaching so she can change her life right now and get the love, …

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Do You Have a Good friend?

The percentages of discovering your soul-mate” online are loads better than chances are you’ll assume. I, perpetual doormat and life-lengthy folks-pleaser, spend approach an excessive amount of of my time questioning if people like me. In reality, somebody can say something fairly off-putting, and my essential concern is that my response to their inappropriateness is engaging. Not good. Whereas it could possibly appear simpler to continue emailing without assembly your on-line relationship partner, the reality is till you meet them head to head you will not really get to know them. As quickly as you’re feeling comfy with it, strive organising a brief date over coffee.

Maybe as we are inclined to grow older, the kid in us returns to the terribly preliminary day we attended college. Admittedly, it’s easy to fall into that trap. With so many choices (both of individuals and of apps) and the fact that these sites are form of enjoyable, we are able to simply overlook our true objective And that additionally extends to what occurs once we really go on dates.

Juniper estimates the entire cellular cellphone dating sector will develop to $1.4 billion throughout the world by 2013. [three] To help out we surveyed over three,000 women on the net dating site and app Zoosk and asked what their high on-line courting suggestions for men are. What we bought was some nice insight and some quick, however candy suggestions males can start using right away.

When you’re bored with power sapping old skool multi level marketing tactics and are ready to start out a new chapter of success in your business let me present you to certainly one of my mentors. (1) You’re entitled to your individual opinion and in case you really feel uncomfortable, I can perceive you do not wish to …

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These are the issues you might want to know when you do on-line courting. Simply because of rip-off individuals now think that all the courting websites are scams and would not work however it isn’t true. Still we can see people are getting married after their on-line affair or say online dating and apart from this there are various folks, boys and girls who say, they fall into a relationship every week with a new boyfriend and girlfriend. So it still works.

You could occasionally discover girls who strain you early on for presents, cash, or a dedication, and you might be wise to be wary. The ladies who be a part of the sites are also advised to watch out for men who push too laborious for a dedication early on. Probably the most successful matches are people who outcome from two folks taking the time to get to know each other’s wants, needs, talents, and beliefs.

Nice girls additionally are inclined to let guys get away with something?from exhibiting up late on dates to flirting with different girls in their firm. You might suppose that you simply’re being thoughtful and understanding and that he’ll finally see the error in his ways but the reverse is definitely true. He’s in search of a relationship accomplice and not a doormat.

Going to your faculty reunions actually is necessary. Even should you did not get along with everybody the very best again in the day, you discover that as folks mature, they become much more affordable, and you’ll enjoy your conversations with them as you reminisce about the previous.

After sending an electronic mail to somebody on an internet courting web site, don’t continue to ship emails if they do not reply. It is true that there are numerous stalker personalities …

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Redefining White Male Privilege So White Men Don’t Get Upset


I made a conscious choice to stay away from the Kavanagh hearings, given the toxicity of the political climate. But recently, I’ve had a few dispiriting conversations with friends who were upset with the concepts of white privilege and male privilege and I wanted to share them with you here.

The term “white privilege” FEELS very insulting to a man suffering from poor health, poor lifestyle choices, poor job opportunities, etc. The assertion that “white men” are the problem and their “privilege” allows them to lead perfect, carefree lives seems tone-deaf to the vast majority of white men who struggle in some ways. These guys find the terminology and blanket attacks on “whites” and “men” to be tone-deaf and off-base. And for political purposes, I agree. You’re not convincing any white men of the righteousness of your cause  if you constantly attack white men.

However, when I dug deeper in conversations with my moderately conservative friends, they completely agreed that both women and minorities have a tougher go of things. They will never know what it’s like to be concerned with safety in a parking lot or what it’s like to have a taxi refuse to pick them up because of their skin color.

Which means that these white men are not in denial of “white male privilege,” but rather, disagree with its judgmental nomenclature. In fact, they’d back the concept completely if it was framed as “women and minority disadvantage” because it would acknowledge the broader societal unfairness without tarring all white men as part of the problem.

I agree with this from a branding standpoint for the social justice/identity politics left. You don’t get any closer to peace when you treat people as “others” or “enemies.” Telling underprivileged people that they are privileged is bound to hit a …

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A Guy’s 5 Should B’s” For A Successful First Date

On-line dating suggestions and advice for man and woman, ladies and guys. Since you’re utilizing the Internet to date girls, it is assumed that you can be communicating with them primarily by chat or e mail so be sure you know learn how to ship a great one. You do not have to go to grammar school to know the correct ways of doing so, simply make sure that you are polite and respectful in your approach. Bear in mind, you are not the one one talking to this girl on-line so make that first impression count.

Girls love guys who’re good listeners and who can maintain a conversation. Communication is probably one of the most ignored expertise relating to the attraction issue. The way in which you talk to a woman and the way in which you talk to a girl all play a major part within the seduction sport. Do not brag, listen to a lady when she talks, pay attention to a girl and speak about topics that can get a lady interested in you. Talking about how bad or good the weather has been or how you went to go to your grandma on Sunday will only bore the poor girl to loss of life.

It is exhausting to learn to attract women. But not as hard as you suppose. The primary part is understanding when you have to cease being the guy who solely admires girls from afar as a result of he is too scared to method a girl. I was once one of those guys too who kept saying “If only I went as much as her and started talking…”

Nobody loves you quite like your pals do, so let them set you up with somebody that they can vouch for. “It’s higher …

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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?


Hey Evan! I’m dealing with an issue that I can’t find explicitly addressed on one of your old posts, so I thought I’d write and see if you can help. I am 38, and divorced three years. I am looking for a relationship, but perfectly happy with my life in the meantime.

I’ve been seeing a man (40) over the past month. He is very attentive, a great listener, and has put in all the effort of someone who is boyfriend material. He calls, plans dates in advance, and is genuinely interested in me. His kids are the same age as mine and we have great conversations and a lot in common. I enjoy his company and can see this continuing into a relationship, as he has told me he doesn’t want to date anyone else.

However, the reason he is single is that he cheated on his ex-wife. They have been legally separated for a little over a year, and are working on finalizing their divorce. He told me on our third date, and was very upfront about it. He said that they married young, had grown apart, and their relationship hadn’t met his needs for a long time. He had an affair with a woman that he knew (I don’t know from where) with the intention of continuing to see her.

He told his ex, they went to counseling for one session, and then decided to separate. The woman with whom he had an affair didn’t want to continue seeing him, so he’s been single for the duration of his separation. He doesn’t intend to cheat again, but also doesn’t appear to regret it. He seems surprised that people are bothered by it, like how the “couple” friends he had with his ex no longer want to

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Married Ladies Looking for Married Males

Dating as a single mother or father comes with its own set of obstacles and challenges, and one thing that may be quite overwhelming is the variety of on-line relationship sites obtainable to choose from. As with every scenario, there will be execs but there may even be cons as well. One disadvantage to the pace relationship methodology of assembly different single people is having to base a future date on an eight-minute first impression. As a result of a velocity dating session is so temporary, one has to say and do all of the proper things in a brief time period in order to impress the other particular person. This may be harder for some individuals who are shyer than others and take awhile to heat up to another particular person.

Another no-no is being ?intelligent? together with your photograph by placing a bar over your eyes or blurring your face by way of photoshop. Ladies have loads of men to choose from on Grownup Relationship sites and they?ll merely move on to the following profile if you don?t submit a clear shot of your face.

Profiles to respond to are those with clear pictures. Blurred photos, in addition to those that are taken at a strategic angle won’t let you see how a girl actually looks. Thus, you cannot assist, but suppose that she is making an attempt to hide something like facial flaws of chubby physique fat. With clear photos, you will note precisely how she seems, regardless of imperfections.

Be a part of vert is web page making a talk individuals with one another on the internet by online relationship. Nominally people wish to makes and talk private romantic and sexual relationship. Online relationship can say without any social instruction individuals are free to use what …

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General Strategies To Get Over Someone You Love

Most individuals flip to on-line courting sites to find love. Everytime you assume a marriage planning, you will have to want flowers, favors, decorations and music. It’s the frequent things which are want in every wedding ceremony and it rely on you that how much you can spend. Some useful suggestions by means of which you can make low finances wedding ceremony planning.

7. Choose a few of your top dating sites – the quantity is as much as you, but attempt for less than ten. Benefit from the dating companies free enroll (each single online relationship service provides free sign ups; it’s contacting those that costs cash). Search the other relationship service members, take a peek at the features, and smile at a few interesting singles. See how each of the dating companies interfaces work, and whether or not the quality, and amount of singles in your area is acceptable.

Thankfully, this is without doubt one of the things you should utilize the web for. Real Love Advisors Melboourne FL available to help you choose the right current for that special woman in your life. We’ve put together a fantastic record of the 13 perfect gifts for women over 50. These gifts are nice for any occasion including birthdays and anniversaries.

There isn’t any one person on this planet you will need to discover to develop into your excellent mate. The world is crammed with suitable companions for you. But will probably be onerous to find and appeal to them in case you lead together with your logical thoughts. Let your body and your emotions guide you instead. You possibly can at all times engage your logical mind after the actual fact to determine how you bought so damned lucky.

By no means let someone lead you to carry …